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Due to a recent break in, IronMan Paintball has shut down. We are not certain if this will become a permanent or temporary closing. IronMan Paintball would like to thank you all for being loyal customers and hope we will be back to serve all your paintball and airsoft needs in the future. 

Welcome to IronMan Paintball and Airsoft.

IronMan Paintball & Airsoft is an outdoor field striving for a memorable and exciting experience. We offer private games 7 days a week, walk on games, and tournaments for all players of both airsoft and paintball. Our field courses consist of a barrel field, small town, hill fort, and forest. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to give us a call or send a text to (507) 319-2664.



   Paintball is a very unique sport, which players will eliminate opponents using paint-filled 68 caliber balls. These projectiles use a "paintball marker", our field uses a High Pressured Air (HPA) tank to propel the paintball. This sport can be played in many different modes, such as team death match, capture the flag, king of the hill and many more. Players will decide tactics and strategy to accomplish their objective.
   Airsoft is fairly similar to paintball, players will eliminate opponents by using a projectile. But unlike paintball, the projectile is a 6mm plastic ball that is usually shot by a full scale replica firearm. These airsoft guns can be set into four categories: High pressured air (HPA), gas (CO2, green gas), spring powered, or electric. Airsoft players will decide tactics and strategies depending on the game mode. 

Paintball Information

Here you can find pricing and private game information. *Safety briefing will also be given at the field as well*

Airsoft Information

Here you can find the rules, pricing, private game information, schedule for open plays and 3-Man Tournament information. *Safety briefing will also be given at the field as well*

IronMan Paintball & Airsoft Waiver

A waiver is required to be signed to participate at any IronMan Paintball & Airsoft events. These waivers are also available at the field as a hard copy.


4430 19th Street NW

Rochester, MN 55906


(507) 319-2664




4430 19th Street NW Rochester, MN 55906

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